The Huffington Post’s Latest Hire: A 9/11 Truther

Late last night, Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington announced that her company had hired 33-year-old Donté Stallworth, the former NFL wide receiver, to cover national security as a paid editorial fellow. One problem: Stallworth apparently believes that the September 11, 2001 attacks were an inside job. »9/04/14 11:32am9/04/14 11:32am


Donté Stallworth Loves Gay Marriage, Argues With Twitter

Newly minted Redskins receiver Donté Stallworth has opinions on things! He was not a fan of the flu vaccine. But he is a huge fan of today's Supreme Court rulings that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and killed Prop 8 in California. He took to Twitter to celebrate, and more than held his own against opponents… »6/26/13 1:03pm6/26/13 1:03pm

Donté Stallworth And His Girlfriend Are Reportedly OK After They Hit Some Power Lines While Operating A Hot Air Balloon

Beat this, weird spring training injuries: Donté Stallworth was reportedly hospitalized this morning for burns received after he and his girlfriend hit some power lines while operating a hot air balloon in Miami. The Patriots wide receiver is said to be in stable condition.
»3/16/13 2:25pm3/16/13 2:25pm

And Now, Donté Stallworth Blowing The Lid Off An H1N1 Vaccine Conspiracy

Donté Stallworth hasn't seen much playing time with the Patriots this year. He's only played in one game, and his 63-yard touchdown reception against the Texans marks the only time he's gotten his hands on the ball. This doesn't mean that Stallworth hasn't been busy, though. He spends a lot of time sharing his wit… »1/04/13 5:30pm1/04/13 5:30pm