Dontrelle Willis Retires. Mark Prior Tries To Make A Comeback. Baseball…

Dontrelle Willis retired on Monday at the age of 30, bringing to an end one of the most baffling baseball careers of the past decade. The day before, Mark Prior, nursing an oblique strain, threw a bullpen session for the Pawtucket Red Sox. He hadn't pitched in a game since June 21, when he scuffled through an inning… » 7/03/12 2:45pm 7/03/12 2:45pm

The D Train Is Off The Rails: Dontrelle Willis Goes AWOL From Orioles'…

Look at that tall left-handed man up there. Does he look happy to you? Or does he look like an irritated guest of that cartoon bird? » 4/23/12 4:35pm 4/23/12 4:35pm

The D Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore: Farewell, Dontrelle Willis,…

The pitchers who wow us these days don't remind us of anything familiar. Most of MLB's sharpest aces—Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, and C.C. Sabathia—were first-round picks, blessed with a freakish ability to throw much harder than their competitors, and groomed for many years by the… » 3/19/12 12:45pm 3/19/12 12:45pm

Phillies Sign Dontrelle Willis, Reports Some Guy Who Says He…

Ruben Amaro is a ninja—except when his email blasts on free agency signings find their way into the wrong hands. A reader forwards along this missive, purportedly from Ruben Amaro to the front office announcing that the Phillies are signing Dontrelle Willis to a one-year deal pending a physical. Because our reader has… » 12/13/11 10:20am 12/13/11 10:20am

Anxiety Disorder Stops Dontrelle Willis Again

So I guess The D-Train doesn't have it all figured it out. There were signs of promise, but after a couple of horrendous starts—8 walks in 3.2 IP on Sunday—Willis is back on the DL (head case). » 6/19/09 2:27pm 6/19/09 2:27pm

Is The D-Train Back On Track?

Dontrelle Willis won a game yesterday. And his pitching was more than adequate! So has he finally got over his case of the Greinkes or is this just a momentary blip on the mine cart ride to oblivion? » 5/20/09 3:30pm 5/20/09 3:30pm

The Sudden Plummet Of Dontrelle Willis

Seriously, what in the world has happened to Dontrelle Willis? The guy used to be the next great face of baseball, a smiling, lovable African American in a sport that desperately needs more, with a whirly-gig windup and a youthful vigor for the game we hadn't seen since Griffey. And now ... he's pitching for Class A… » 6/11/08 12:35pm 6/11/08 12:35pm

Fat Guy, Skinny Guy Shipped To Detroit

As was first reported (kinda) by Sports Review Magazine, baseball had its first big trade yesterday. The Marlins sent Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Tigers for six guys, though we think the actual amount of tonnage exchanged was close to equal. » 12/05/07 10:40am 12/05/07 10:40am

Five Hours Ago, Dontrelle REALLY Had To Pee

That marriage ... (sips imaginary glass of bourbon) ... it's a tough racket. Just two weeks after getting married, Marlins pitcher (and awfully likable fellow) Dontrelle Willis has already discovered something about the institution: It'll drive you to drink. At 4 a.m. this morning in South Beach, Willis was arrested… » 12/22/06 9:15am 12/22/06 9:15am

Buy Dontrelle Willis Some Dishware

We don't want to be known as some kind of Negative Nellie in the world of sports; we like sunshine and rainbows and all kinds of pretty things that might or might not have tails. We support nice happy stories, like anything involving the Marlins' Dontrelle Willis, whom could very well be the most likable player in the… » 12/07/06 11:45am 12/07/06 11:45am

Dontrelle Willis Did Not Land On Plymouth Rock

We hadn't noticed — because we're devils, of course — but something rare happened in baseball yesterday: Two black starting pitchers went against each other. Florida's Dontrelle Willis earned his 17th win over the Dodgers' Edwin Jackson, and it has the always sane folks at Black Athlete comparing it to a solar… » 8/23/05 10:21am 8/23/05 10:21am

Today In Oddjack

What you're missing over at Oddjack, the site for both the discerning speculator and the degenerate gambler ...
· You can bet on Dontrelle Willis, or you can just take a nap at lunch.
· Hey, look, you can bet on the Little League World Series. That's making the world a better place.
· Time to bet on Roger Clemens and… » 8/22/05 5:24pm 8/22/05 5:24pm