Ritually Edgy T-Shirts Prompt Ritual Coverage Of Ritually Outraged…

The Associated Press reports that the dry-goods sales-and-marketing company Nike has provoked a reaction by selling t-shirts designed to provoke a reaction. The shirts include "the phrases 'Dope,' 'Get High' and 'Ride Pipe,'" the AP reports. » 6/24/11 3:43pm 6/24/11 3:43pm

Lou Piniella Adds Context To The Soto Stoner Saga

"Look, I have smoked dope one time in my life, and it didn't do a damn thing for me, and I never tried it again.... But a lot of people do (smoke marijuana). You can buy it in California from a pharmacy." [ChiTrib] » 6/26/09 5:00pm 6/26/09 5:00pm

The IAAF has annulled all of Marion Jones results dating to September 2000, and has asked her to return $700,000 in prize money. No word yet on whether her Nintendo Power Pad records will also be erased. [The New York Times] » 11/24/07 12:45pm 11/24/07 12:45pm