Dropbox Dudes Tried to Kick Children Off a Soccer Field

Tech bros will stop at nothing to get what they perceive to be theirs. In the latest example of unchecked hubris, we witness as a squad of adults in Dropbox jerseys argue with and cuss at children over a San Francisco soccer field. » 10/10/14 4:59pm 10/10/14 4:59pm

The Yankees Really Flexed Their Muscles At Fenway Park This Weekend

The Yankees put 28 runs across the plate at Fenway this weekend, taking three of four from Boston and extending their AL East lead to seven games. As is the case across the league at Yankees road games, Bronx Bombers fans turned out en masse to remind opponents that they are douchebags that the Yanks are #1. » 7/09/12 9:00am 7/09/12 9:00am

Do You Deserve That Foul Ball? Consult This Handy Chart

There's some impassioned debate going on in the comments on the post about the couple in Texas failing to surrender a foul ball to the weeping child beside them. What are the real rules, here? Possession is nine-tenths of the law? Children first? What's the right thing to do to avoid the censure of Michael Kay and… » 4/26/12 5:14pm 4/26/12 5:14pm

Worst People Ever Catch Foul Ball, Refuse To Give It To A Crying Child,…

An unfortunate scene unfolded in Arlington tonight as a pair of Rangers fans caught a foul ball tossed into the stands by Mitch Moreland in the eighth inning of Rangers-Yankees, then refused to give the ball to the toddler sitting next to them—instead choosing to pose for pictures and generally behave like douchebags. » 4/25/12 11:18pm 4/25/12 11:18pm

Terrell Suggs Called Skip Bayless A "Douchebag"

In what might be the first honest and accurate analysis ever presented on ESPN First Take, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs called out Skip Bayless this morning, telling him to "be an analyst, not a douchebag." Suggs plans to next order Bayless to squeeze blood from a rock. » 1/23/12 1:05pm 1/23/12 1:05pm

How Douche Was My Alma Mater?

With their liberal use of dirty girls and shirtless gods, GQ certainly knows how to bring in the eyeballs, but they have outdone themselves again with their latest listicle: "America's 25 Douchiest Colleges." No, you suck more! » 8/25/09 5:53pm 8/25/09 5:53pm

Eastern Kentucky Wideout Faces Prison Time, Permanent Emasculation…

There might be a reasonable explanation for why Eastern Kentucky University wide receiver Davin Walker was shoplifting at Wal-Mart. Being a specialty player at a school like Eastern Kentucky (although Dan Patrick did play basketball there for two years) usually doesn't provide a livable income or expensive gifts from… » 7/24/08 9:15am 7/24/08 9:15am

The Trojans Needed To VISUALIZE Their Success (Oh, And Tackle Better)

So why did Southern California lose to UCLA last week? Not because of a stout Bruins defense, or a somewhat green Trojans squad cracking under the pressure. Nope, they lost because coach Pete Carroll programmed his team to lose. » 12/06/06 4:00pm 12/06/06 4:00pm