Percy Harvin Explains Why He Beat Up Two Seahawks Teammates

The Buffalo News has a mini-profile of new Bills receiver Percy Harvin, the point of which is to show Harvin as a man at a crossroads. Will he go on being an alleged locker-room cancer, or will a fresh start in Buffalo be what he needs to finally reach his potential? That’s all worth considering, but what we’re really… »8/17/15 10:39am8/17/15 10:39am


Doug Baldwin Reveals Football-Pooping Celebration Was For Darrelle Revis

Doug Baldwin commemorated his Super Bowl lead-extending touchdown catch by pretending either to poop out the football, or on it. (It's not clear which, but no one saw it anyway; NBC's director cut away in time, warned by the voice of his vigilant dead mother. Thankfully, it was filmed from the stands.) But the bigger… »2/17/15 8:51am2/17/15 8:51am

Doug Baldwin Is Probably Still Looking For Doubters To Call Out 

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin made a brief and profane cameo in the madness immediately following Jermaine Kearse's game-winning touchdown catch, but that was just the start of his postgame highlight reel. From there, he went on to call out the NFL Network's Deion Sanders for being a punk-ass hater, and then… »1/19/15 9:32am1/19/15 9:32am

Seahawks Radio Broadcast Erupts In Screams, Cursing After Kearse Catch

This 90-second clip from Seahawks radio flagship KIRO has it all: ecstatic announcers celebrating Seattle's return to the Super Bowl, Doug Baldwin profanely asserting that Russell Wilson "didn't have a fuckin' message" before the game-winning drive, and Jermaine Kearse insisting that "I know I didn't make all my… »1/18/15 7:26pm1/18/15 7:26pm

Richard Sherman Mocks NFL With Brilliant Press-Conference Performance

This is so good. At his weekly meeting with the press, Seahawks corner Richard Sherman, a cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin, and the disembodied voice of actual Doug Baldwin teamed up for a skit that took shots at the money-hungry NFL and stood up for teammate Marshawn Lynch, who was fined $100,000 for failing to talk… »11/25/14 4:31pm11/25/14 4:31pm

Report: Percy Harvin Fought Teammates, Checked Out Early Vs. Cowboys

As usual in the NFL, sources are pushing out Percy Harvin's past misdeeds to explain the Seahawks' unexpected decision to trade the receiver to the Jets. The Seattle Times picked up a few instances, including a couple of fights with teammates—like the time he reportedly gave Golden Tate a black eye before the… »10/18/14 1:27pm10/18/14 1:27pm

Gahhh Look At This Horrible Injury Suffered By Seahawks Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin

Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin didn't play in the Seahawks' week three win over the Packers—you know the one—because of what was generally described as a "shoulder injury." The Seahawks listed Baldwin as "questionable" as late as game day. That's the injury Baldwin almost played with over there, tweeted out by… »2/23/13 9:30am2/23/13 9:30am

Watch Doug Baldwin Break His Teeth While Trying To Make A Catch

Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin broke two teeth going for a ball and didn't even complete the catch. In the video above, Baldwin dives for a possible game-winning score in Seattle's last-minute drive, but can't maintain possession. And since his hands can't break his fall because they're busy trying to hold a… »9/13/12 1:30pm9/13/12 1:30pm