Giants Ride Madison Bumgarner To A Commanding 2-0 World Series Lead

Game 2 of this World Series most definitely did not follow the Game 1 script that we witnessed Wednesday night. On this cool evening, Madison Bumgarner and Doug Fister wowed both sides with an impressive arsenal of pitches that put location and movement beyond speed and power. Either San Francisco or Detroit full-well… »10/25/12 11:15pm10/25/12 11:15pm


Tigers Pitcher Doug Fister Took A Line Drive Straight To The Head (And Stayed In The Game)

After what Brandon McCarthy experienced not two months ago, we've all become a little more cognizant of the regular danger that pitchers subject themselves to merely by standing on a mound after a pitch. Tigers hurler Doug Fister, who stands 6-foot-8, couldn't dodge this Gregor Blanco liner up the middle and he took a… »10/25/12 8:48pm10/25/12 8:48pm