Former Florida And NFL Quarterback Doug Johnson Beat The Crap Out Of…

According to the Gainesville Sun, former University of Florida and NFL quarterback Doug Johnson has had a sworn complaint alleging that he assaulted a man after the LSU-Florida football game filed against him. The accuser, 28-year-old Joe Cappelletti, claims that he and his friends were twice attacked by a group of… » 1/16/13 11:04am 1/16/13 11:04am

Doug Johnson Must Be Some Kind Of Douchebag

With a staggering 39% of the vote, Terrell Owens was the "winner" of an poll among NFL athletes on the subject of the league's most annoying player. Owens was one of only two players to get into a double digit percentage, the other being Joey Porter with a disappointing 10%. » 12/27/06 12:45pm 12/27/06 12:45pm