Rex Ryan Taunts Doug Marrone By Selecting Entire Offensive Line As Captains 

Doug Marrone was the Buffalo Bills head coach for two seasons, including last year’s successful 9-7 campaign. He opted out of his contract last December to take advantage of a clause that allowed him to make $4 million dollars in 2015 no matter if he coached or not. He tried to get the New York Jets job, but instead… »10/25/15 3:38pm10/25/15 3:38pm


Bills Halt Practice After Second Straight Day Of Fights

We've reached that part of camp: when players are sick of wearing pads each day, doing drills in the heat, rooming with teammates and seeing each other's dumb faces every damn moment of every damn day. Scuffles broke out for a second straight day at Bills camp, leading coach Doug Marrone to bring practice to an… »8/22/14 8:53am8/22/14 8:53am

"When Marrone Interviewed, He Must Have Been Extremely Impressive": Six Writers Talking Themselves Into New Bills Coach Doug Marrone

Chan Gailey was pretty much a washout from the start for the Bills, and fans who withstood his 16-32 record there are understandably happy to have him gone. Still—who's the new guy? Doug Marrone is: Syracuse's former coach, a one-time offensive coordinator under Sean Peyton, and...that's kind of it. Marrone may well… »1/06/13 4:15pm1/06/13 4:15pm