Women's Gymnastics Team Teaches Jenna Bush How To Dougie Like A Gold Medalist

I guess when you're the Team USA women's gymnastics squad and you've just completed an incredible run through the team and individual competitions, you're allowed some free time to just hang around London, chill out on the roof of a double-decker bus, and teach one of George W. Bush's daughters how to Dougie while a » 8/09/12 9:15am 8/09/12 9:15am

Michelle Obama Teaches You How To Dougie

We were wondering if our President and First Lady could do anything to top what just might be The Best Week Ever In Presidential History. And then Michelle Obama went ahead and did the Dougie. This, you should know, as a potentially tax-paying American, is a part of the "Let's Move!" campaign and a partnership with… » 5/03/11 7:35pm 5/03/11 7:35pm