Roger Goodell Thinks That Robert Griffin III Knee Injury Saga Played Out Just Fine

The problem with football players is that they they're born not wanting to act in their own best interests, especially with regards to their long-term health. That's why they play football. In theory, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would be acting in his own best interest by acting in theirs—after all, the NFL is… »1/13/13 11:35am1/13/13 11:35am


Dr. James Andrews For Head Coach: Seahawks-Redskins, In Five GIFs

Seattle 24, Washington 14: It's fair to debate Mike Shanahan's decision to keep a hobbled Robert Griffin III in the game today: For much of the first half, it looked like a gamble in the process of paying off, and Griffin has been so stellar for so much of this year that it's hard to imagine Kirk Cousins taking over… »1/06/13 8:12pm1/06/13 8:12pm

Meet Dr. James Andrews: The Man Who Operates On Your Favorite Player

In the last two decades, Dr. James Andrews became the de facto orthopaedic surgeon to sports stars everywhere. His name is synonymous with sports surgery, as is his location in Birmingham, Alabama. Now Fast Company »9/10/08 1:15pm9/10/08 1:15pm takes you inside the operating room with the man who fixed Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Drew Brees,…