Drew Brees's Fumble Was The Most Disastrous Play Of Week 10

Drew Brees made several big plays to will the Saints into overtime and give his team a chance at beating the 49ers. But in overtime Brees was sacked and fumbled, which led to San Francisco's game-winning field goal. The fumble was the detrimental play of the week according to data from Brian Burke of Advanced… »11/10/14 12:53pm11/10/14 12:53pm

Ahmad Brooks Says His Flag For Hitting Drew Brees Was "Bullshit"

With the Saints driving, down three, with just over three minutes left, Ahmad Brooks sacked Drew Brees and forced a fumble that was recovered by Patrick Willis. "It was almost like Christmas early," Willis said. Well, Christmas was canceled. Officials called Brooks for a personal foul, which swung the game. Brooks… »11/18/13 10:00am11/18/13 10:00am

Drew Brees Is Now Being Used To Sell Bath Salts (The Kind You Smoke)

This should be obvious, but if you want to sell narcotic bath salts masquerading as aromatherapy powder, there's no better packaging than Drew Brees, photoshopped to make it look like he's wearing Heath Ledger's Joker makeup (we think). It's basic marketing. Unfortunately, Blue Brees, the hot new drug on the street,… »12/29/12 12:20pm12/29/12 12:20pm

The Time Drew Brees Threw Five Picks And No Touchdown Passes: Saints-Falcons, In Two GIFs

Falcons 23, Saints 13: I'll admit, I wasn't too high on the Falcons coming into tonight's contest, which seemed not like the typical "trap game"—the Saints are way too talented to catch anyone off guard in such a respect—but it just felt like perhaps the Falcons were ripe for a reality check, having won seven games… »11/29/12 11:42pm11/29/12 11:42pm

Drew Brees Drove A Cab Around New York To Teach People About Concussions

Is this a commercial for Dick's Sporting Goods? Yeah, pretty much. But is it Drew Brees driving people* around New York City while ticking off random facts about concussion education and prevention? You bet your ass it is, unless green-screen technology has gotten a lot better recently. The really fun part is where… »6/29/12 12:25am6/29/12 12:25am

Drew Brees Says The NFL's Bounty Evidence Is Like Bush's WMDs. He's Not Wrong.

Leave it to Drew Brees, nominally uninvolved in the Saints bounty scandal, yet a possible target for retribution, and simultaneously embroiled in his own cash controversy. Brees sent out a tweet last night that captured all the mistrust and hyperbole and amateur lawyering coming from all sides over these busy months… »6/19/12 3:55pm6/19/12 3:55pm

Who Gave The Green Light To Release The Saints' Bounty Tape?

When documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon released the Bountygate audio back in early April, was he acting on his own? The recording, a now-infamous four-minute clip of New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his players to "kill the fucking head" against the 49ers, was made while Pamphilon was… »6/01/12 10:40am6/01/12 10:40am

New York Jets To Drew Brees: Quit Your Damn Whining Already

It was a dandy of a day for whoever was running the official NFL team Twitter feeds. First, the person manning @Redskins offered up a bit of unsolicited advice regarding the "awkwardness" of Tim Tebow being traded to the Jets. (You know, because THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS are in any sort of position to question another… »3/22/12 2:25am3/22/12 2:25am