UMass Fans Celebrate NIT Road Win At Drexel With Middle Fingers,…

Last night's NIT clash in Philadelphia between UMass and host Drexel turned out to be the proverbial barnburner, with the Minutemen pulling out a 72-70 victory over the Dragons. Fans who made the trip from Amherst had an especially unique way of celebrating UMass taking the lead late in the game. » 3/21/12 9:05am 3/21/12 9:05am

This Is Why Basketball Shorts Used To Have Belts

VCU's off to another fast start in tonight's CAA tournament championship game against Drexel, a team that's struggled to earn a reputation worthy of being included amongst Philadelphia's Big Five. But so far tonight, they look like they've been caught with their pants down—or at least the Dragons' Daryl McCoy does.… » 3/05/12 7:46pm 3/05/12 7:46pm