Canada Has Turned Air Hockey Into A Drinking Game

From the minds of some unidentified genius, and via Reddit, comes Alco-Hockey, a game where the goal has been replaced with six depressions for cups. What you put in those cups is up to you, but it's not called "Soda Hockey." » 12/13/13 12:21pm 12/13/13 12:21pm

Hey, Alleged Adult: Stop Playing Drinking Games

I trust you've heard that school starts right this very instant or at least soon or perhaps recently. Are you ready? Have you bought and thought all the right things relating to educational electronics and the passage of time? Do you have a bushel of new underwear and an inflated sense of self-worth? Are the college… » 9/06/13 2:30pm 9/06/13 2:30pm

Not A Great Day For Peter King

First he discovers (and describes in detail) this newfangled drinking game called "keg standing," or something. Then he makes an unfortunate pun on Arian Foster's name. He's taking this Favre thing hard. » 1/03/11 3:10pm 1/03/11 3:10pm

Save The Endangered Canadian Beer Snake

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are considering banning the age-old Canadian pastime of stacking beer cups, after spectators were "slightly injured" during this record-breaking attempt last week. Aw, but it almost reached the 55-yard line! [CBC] » 7/13/10 4:00pm 7/13/10 4:00pm

Is Beer Die A Good Drinking Game Or Not?

Time for your Deadspin Open Mailbag Tuesday. Email us here or submit your questions via Twitter. This week, we're covering piss boners, mayo shits, Nick Adenhart, beer die, fitted sheets, and more. » 10/13/09 1:15pm 10/13/09 1:15pm