John McEnroe: Not All Of You Journalists Are Assholes

The classic 1980 Wimbledon Final between John McEnroe and Björn Borg has been dissected more than any match in tennis history. But the friendship that developed between the two, before and since, hasn't been as picked over, in part because Borg, who abruptly left the sport at age 26, has been generally averse to… » 6/11/11 11:30am 6/11/11 11:30am

Will Ivanovic, Sharapova Drop the Pretense Already And Start Making Out…

Dylan Stableford writes occasionally about tennis for Deadspin in something we are now calling "Droppin' A Deuce With Dylan Stableford." » 6/23/08 6:30pm 6/23/08 6:30pm