WADA Changes Its Mind, Reinstates "Non-Conforming" Rio Olympics Doping Lab

Less than a month ago, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) suspended its accreditation of the Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory, which was supposed to handle all drug tests related to the Rio Olympics. WADA—which is as inept and corrupt a sporting body as you’ll find on this planet—cited a vague and unspecified


Report: Minnesota Wrestling Coach Found Students Dealing Xanax, Told Them To Write Essay About It

When Minnesota’s wrestling coach found out that a few of his athletes were dealing Xanax out of their dorm, he didn’t tell the university or the police. Instead, he took what was left of the drugs and made the offenders write a one-page essay about their feelings and what they had learned, the Star Tribune reported…

Youtube Bodybuilders Rich Piana And Dmitry Klokov Can Teach You How To Live

As many people do, I enjoy watching Youtube fitness personalities who range from eccentric to dangerous to themselves. There are the classic accounts like Scooby, a fedora-wearing older man with a pleasant voice and numerous dietary theories; there are the newer folks on the scene like Kinobody, something of a Patrick…

Al Jazeera Reporter: Second "Knowledgable And Credible" Source Confirms HGH Sent To Manning House

Deborah Davies, the Al Jazeera reporter responsible for last week’s documentary that alleged human growth hormone was delivered to Peyton Manning’s home, revealed today on CNN’s Reliable Sources that a second confidential source confirmed what the network was told by a former employee of an Indianapolis anti-aging…

Colombian Police Find Half A Ton Of Cocaine Hidden In Buses Transporting Soccer Fans

Two packed buses set out from Cali, Colombia this weekend heading towards Santiago, Chile to deliver dozens of soccer fans to the site of the two countries’ World Cup qualifying match. Unbeknownst to the fans, they were accompanied by over 1,000 lbs. of cocaine, discretely hidden underneath the seats and floor.

Former Weed Kingpin Racer Returns To The Track After 26 Years In Prison

Randy Lanier got his start in grassroots sports car racing and then financed a motorsports career by moving hundreds of thousands of pounds of marijuana. It’s kind of fitting that after nearly three decades in prison, convicted as one of the country’s biggest weed kingpins, that he made his return to racing there too.


How To Deal With People Tripping Balls, According To The Grateful Dead

What we have here is a flyer for the security crew on the Grateful Dead reunion show about how to deal with concert-goers who are tripping on acid, which, let’s be honest, is probably most everyone there. Their advice? Don’t feed the animals. Don’t interact with someone having a bad trip. Different mammals, same…