I Peed My Pants At A Little League Game, And Other Tales Of Urine-Based Humiliation

A moment of silence for the dignity of everyone who responded when we asked you to tell us about a time you peed your pants. You have no shame, and you should be proud of that. But my God! A lot of you have pissed yourselves at inopportune times! Here are the best of those stories. »9/21/15 5:12pm9/21/15 5:12pm

An Inflatable, Life-Size Ben Wallace, And Other Things You Bought While Drunk

According to a recent study on this very website, quite a few people make serious life decisions under the influence of alcohol. Go figure! On Friday, we asked our readers to tell us about the craziest things they’ve bought while drunk, and among the usual stuff (tattoos, memorabilia, and a subscription to the Dairy… »9/14/15 12:29pm9/14/15 12:29pm

A Sure-Why-Not Theory Explains Why The Mavs Might Lose DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan was all set to become a Dallas Maverick last week, but now he might be staying in Los Angeles after all, and everyone is wondering what the hell happened. Well, good news! We just received an illustrated theory from a tipster that lays out a very compelling case for how the Clippers got back into the… »7/08/15 4:52pm7/08/15 4:52pm

Premier League Starlet Pictured Passed Out In Middle Of The Road

Jack Grealish, the 19-year-old future-stud winger for Aston Villa, had a season to be proud of. He broke into the first team, becoming a regular starter by the end of the season, and impressed enough to be linked with bigger teams. To celebrate, it appears he got lit up in Spain, concluding at least one night assed… »6/16/15 10:30am6/16/15 10:30am

Drunk Woman Explains Everything You Need to Know About Monster Trucks

Atlanta's Rock 101.5 morning show visited Monster Jam 2015 to do some serious reporting and get to the heart of what monster truck racing is all about. Fortunately, they found a fantastically drunk source from Rabun County, Ga. (where Deliverance was filmed, y'all) to explain it to them. »1/12/15 10:00am1/12/15 10:00am

Guy Dressed As Superman Breaks Up Pathetic Fight At Cardinals Game

Two sad, possibly drunk guys just sort of lean on each other in the way that sad, possibly drunk guys tend to do when they start a fight that they don't necessarily want to finish, and the world cries out for a hero to stop this madness. In comes Superman, who defuses the situation, and pauses in front of the camera… »5/16/14 4:31pm5/16/14 4:31pm

South Carolina Spiked A TV Program Featuring A Slurring Steve Spurrier

Like most Division I head football coaches, Steve Spurrier is contractually obligated to appear on an eponymous television program every week following one of his team's games. This week's program—a recap of the Gamecocks' narrow win over UCF in Orlando Saturday—is very quickly being erased from existence. We want to… »10/02/13 10:18am10/02/13 10:18am

Sure, Let's Watch A Guy Get Kicked In The Nuts 10 Times And Not Flinch

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Guy walks up to two bros outside of a bar and dares them to kick him in the nuts 10 times in a row. "If I flinch at all, I'll give you $25," he tells them. Haven't heard that one? Then go ahead and watch the video above. If you want to skip over the bargaining process and get… »8/09/13 3:04pm8/09/13 3:04pm

"Johnny Footbaaaaalllll": Two Drunk Ladies Hijacked The CBS Cotton Bowl Pre-Game Show

The Cotton Bowl was an occasion for much revelry for fans of Texas A&M, who went into the contest confident about their odds against Oklahoma and got to see local hero Johnny Manziel for the first time since he picked up his Heisman in New York. That means, of course, that filming the pre-game set piece in the Cowboys… »1/05/13 3:20pm1/05/13 3:20pm