Caddy Loses Green Card, Hotel Carpets Are Dirty, Car Bomb Ruins Tee Times: John Daly Reports From The East

John Daly is in New Delhi for the Avantha Masters that will take place later this week. Over the weekend, he played at the Omega Dubai Classic, where he placed 37th. According to his Twitter timeline, the trip's been quite the adventure. Here's a sampling: » 2/13/12 4:05pm 2/13/12 4:05pm

Maradona's Totally Sorry About Kicking That Fan In Dubai

"'I am emotional, this is my nature. I've always been like this as a player and coach. Sometimes I feel like I'm a player of Al Wasl. The sign was a message from my grandson and daughters in Manchester and Argentina and it means they support me in whatever I do. I apologise to the fan I hurt but I wanted the banner… » 9/24/11 2:15pm 9/24/11 2:15pm

Maradona Kicked A Fan Before Winning His First Game As A Coach In Dubai Today

"Diego Maradona has enjoyed his first victory as coach of UAE side Al Wasl, a day after telling fans to stay at home and watch a DVD if they found it too stressful to follow his team.
Al Wasl's goals in a 3-0 win against promoted Emirates in the second round of matches in the Etisalat Cup came from Argentina's… » 9/22/11 9:30pm 9/22/11 9:30pm