A Love Letter to My Favorite Word: DUDE

Dude. DUDE. Dude, I love the word "dude" so much. It's so versatile. It's so casual yet punchy. It can convey, "I really mean business here!" and "I am a fun type of person who doesn't take life too seriously" in the same syllable. WHILE SKATEBOARDING. It is far superior to "guy," which implies a kind of distance, an… » 10/25/13 4:45pm 10/25/13 4:45pm

Kelly Slater Became the Oldest Surfer To Win An Award He Was Already…

Earlier this week, Kelly Slater became the first person to win 11 ASP World Titles. Presumably the ASP title is fairly prestigious, but the press release doesn't elaborate. » 11/06/11 6:28pm 11/06/11 6:28pm