How Bro Is a Bro? Let's Consult Our Bro-proval Matrix

And now for the most important question of our time: what is a "bro," exactly? It was the second-most popular plea for clarity my parents made while visiting me at college (the first most popular was, "Why in God's name are you basically pursuing a degree in analyzing vampire erotica?"). "Callie," they would ask,… »6/24/13 2:18pm6/24/13 2:18pm


Miami Bankers Catch Half-Ton Mako, Talk About How Awesome They Are

Says one tie-sporting member of the Ocean Bank team that set out on a boat competing in an FIU alumni fishing tournament off the Florida Keys, "I don't have to watch 'Jaws' anymore, I lived it." That means the deaths of numerous tourists, Richard Dreyfuss and the manipulation of a gun and pressurized Scuba tank are… »6/25/11 3:15pm6/25/11 3:15pm