Bernard Pierce To Cop After DUI: "I'm Getting Cut." And He Is!

Running back Bernard Pierce was released by the Baltimore Ravens today, hours after he was arrested on charges that included driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding. The move probably didn't surprise Pierce who, according to a police statement of probable cause, asked the officer who pulled him over if his… » 3/18/15 2:57pm 3/18/15 2:57pm

Jerramy Stevens Arrested For DUI; Hope Solo Suspended By U.S. Soccer

Yesterday TMZ broke the news that former Seahawks and Buccaneers tight end Jerramy Stevens was arrested in Los Angeles early Monday morning for DUI. Hope Solo—the U.S. Soccer goalkeeper and Stevens's wife—was also in the car, and TMZ says she and Stevens were belligerent with police (emphasis theirs): » 1/21/15 8:41pm 1/21/15 8:41pm

Cops: Tyler Thigpen Arrested After Falling Asleep At Wendy's Drive-Thru

Free-agent NFL QB Tyler Thigpen was arrested early Sunday morning in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and charged with DUI. Police claim that Thigpen's car sat in a Wendy's drive-thru for 20 minutes, with him asleep at the wheel. » 11/25/14 12:13pm 11/25/14 12:13pm

Cops: Greg Monroe Peed Himself During DUI Arrest

"I'm just trying not to be in the newspaper," said the professional basketball player who, according to police, urinated on himself while being booked for impaired driving. It almost worked. » 9/11/14 10:23am 9/11/14 10:23am

John Abraham Quietly Got Himself A DUI Charge Last Month

Linebacker John Abraham, coming off a Pro Bowl season in Arizona, hasn't yet reported to Cardinals training camp. The team says it's a personal matter. It may or may not have to do with housekeeping for a DUI arrest Abraham racked up in June, and which he managed to keep quiet until now. » 7/29/14 9:16am 7/29/14 9:16am

Tom Chambers Allegedly Acted Like Kind Of A Dick During His DUI Arrest

Former NBA star and current Phoenix Suns broadcaster Tom Chambers was arrested on suspicion of DUI this weekend, and according to the police report, he did not play it very cool. » 12/12/13 1:05pm 12/12/13 1:05pm

Michigan Offense Drives Man To Drink, Drive Drunk

Around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 3, hours after Michigan's embarrassing loss to Michigan State, Dearborn police responded to a call about a man asleep in his car at a gas station. He had been unconscious for 90 minutes. He had urinated on himself. He was arrested, and told officers he had really had no choice but to drink to… » 11/12/13 1:22pm 11/12/13 1:22pm

Bernie Kosar Refused A Sobriety Test Because His Offensive Line Sucked

More details have emerged about former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar's DUI arrest from this past weekend, and most of them are depressing. One of them, however, demonstrates that despite his problems, Kosar's sense of humor is still intact. » 10/01/13 6:31pm 10/01/13 6:31pm

Bernie Kosar Arrested For Allegedly Drinking And Driving

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar was arrested Sunday morning under the accusation of driving under the influence of alcohol. » 9/29/13 1:06pm 9/29/13 1:06pm

Lamar Odom Arrested For Suspected DUI

Things continue to get worse for Lamar Odom. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Odom was arrested in Los Angeles at 3:54 a.m. Friday morning and booked on suspicion of DUI. The details are sad: » 8/30/13 11:32am 8/30/13 11:32am

Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Charged With DUI

Mike Budenholzer's tenure as the new head coach of the Atlanta Hawks isn't exactly off to a roaring start. The former Spurs assistant was arrested early Thursday morning in Atlanta and charged with a DUI. » 8/29/13 9:35am 8/29/13 9:35am

Kurt Angle's Latest DUI Arrest Results In Intimidating Mug Shot

Via TMZ, Olympic-gold-medalist-turned-WWE-champion-turned-TNA star Kurt Angle got pinched for allegedly driving under the influence on Thursday night in Wise County, Texas. The arrest came after a live taping of Impact Wrestling. TMZ says it's Angle's fourth alcohol-related arrest—one for DUI, one for DWI, one for… » 8/02/13 6:02pm 8/02/13 6:02pm

Patriots’ Alfonzo Dennard Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI

Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving early this morning in Lincoln, Neb. It could be worse than the usual DUI punishment for Dennard, who's projected to start for New England this season—he's still on probation for punching a cop last year. » 7/11/13 9:35am 7/11/13 9:35am

Saints Receiver Joe Morgan Busted For Alleged DWI

The Earhart Expressway is a pretty damned busy highway. It's three lanes in either direction, and runs from New Orleans to the suburbs, and sometimes a Saints receiver passes out in his car in the middle of the road on a Saturday night. » 5/29/13 11:41am 5/29/13 11:41am

Here's Al Michaels's Mug Shot

This is Al on Friday night, shortly after being arrested and charged with DUI. Is that a coy smile we see? An I'm Al Michaels, and I could do this 10 times before I lose my job smile? I think it might be. » 4/22/13 12:40pm 4/22/13 12:40pm

Steelers Player Tweets Really Dumb Photo

Last October, Steelers nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu got wasted and decided to play bumper cars with several parked vehicles on Pittsburgh's South Side. Thursday, Ta'amu was sentenced to just 18 months' probation for it all. Last night, Ta'amu's friend tweeted the photo you see here, and Ta'amu re-tweeted it. (That's… » 4/08/13 11:49am 4/08/13 11:49am

Fred Smoot, Who Double-Donged Two Hookers, Peed His Pants After Being…

Fred Smoot, the former Redskins and Vikings cornerback, would like to be known as something other than "that guy who put a double-ended dildo into two prostitutes on the Vikings sex boat." He tried breaking the news that Robert Griffin III's shredded knee would keep him out an entire year, but that turned out not to… » 1/24/13 6:15pm 1/24/13 6:15pm

Matt Bush Chose An Extra Year In Prison Because He Can't Trust Himself…

Matt Bush, the first overall draft pick in 2004, never made the majors. A series of incidents and arrests derailed his career, culminating in a DUI hit-and-run this spring that left a 72-year-old man crippled. » 12/18/12 4:40pm 12/18/12 4:40pm