Photoshop Miguel Diving Into Other Ill-Advised Situations

Miguel made quite the splash when he landed on two innocent spectators at last night's Billboard Awards. In fact, several more people have heard of Miguel this morning than had last night! Nobody said increasing that Q score was going to be easy. » 5/20/13 2:00pm 5/20/13 2:00pm

Comatose Giants Fan Shouldn't Have Been Wearing A Giants Jersey, Writes …

Bryan Stow is the 42-year-old Giants fan who was beaten outside Dodger Stadium and who now lies in a medically induced coma. Stow was wearing a Giants jersey at the time of the attack. I'll let John Steigerwald, a columnist for the Observer-Reporter in Washington, Pa., and a former television anchor, take it from here » 4/12/11 4:29pm 4/12/11 4:29pm