Duncan Keith Might Be Superhuman

I was pulling hard for Chicago last night, not because I want them to win this series or because I want Anaheim to lose, but because I wanted to see the Blackhawks play the Ducks one more time. Chicago’s hard-fought 5-2 win, which required holding off yet another attempted Ducks comeback, means we get a Game 7, which… » 5/28/15 9:45am 5/28/15 9:45am

Ugly Blues-Blackhawks Series Gets Uglier With "Wakey-Wakey" Taunt

Blues-Blackhawks shifts to Chicago tonight, with St. Louis up 2-0, but things are already getting desperate. Brent Seabrook was suspended three games for a dirty hit on Blues captain David Backes on Saturday, and now audio has emerged of that post-fight scrum appearing to capture Chicago's Duncan Keith taunting a… » 4/21/14 2:03pm 4/21/14 2:03pm