• Yevgeny Plushenko dresses up as a cartoon version of himself, and in muscle suit/speedo combination. He also has a 'Sex Bomb' exhibition program. I do not want to be around when that bomb goes off. [NBCOlympics.com] » 2/22/06 3:28pm 2/22/06 3:28pm

A Few More Dunk Faces

A few more Dunk Faces trickled in last night, and I thought I'd share them with you. The Kyle Orton dunk face appears to have been photoshopped by Kyle Orton himself, while drinking heavily. Not all of them are photoshopped with the skill of Picasso, but their hearts are in the right place. After the jump, check out: » 2/22/06 11:30am 2/22/06 11:30am

Dunk Face Fever!: Gheorghe Muresan

Spinheads: Thank you so much for your overwhelming response to Dunk Faces. I am suggesting to the other members of the B-squad to carry on with this experiment as they are becoming more and more bizarre. I will put up a couple more today, but I apologize if any were overlooked. Please continue with this time-wasting… » 2/21/06 3:45pm 2/21/06 3:45pm

Dunk Face!: Ben Roethlisberger

More Drunk, er, Dunk Face submissions. Of course once the "Drunk" Face gets mentioned, Big Ben comes up. Alas, here we have this champion submission from a Deadspin Reader showcasing Steeltown's finest go-to chugster. Wave those Terrible Towels high! » 2/21/06 3:06pm 2/21/06 3:06pm

Dunk Face: New Mexico

The gauntlet has been thrown down. It didn't take long for the rash of New Mexico Dunk Face submissions. (Three in one hour, actually.) So, here he is in all his glowering, heat-packing glory. Surprisingly, this dunk face is very similar to Terence Stansbury's. » 2/21/06 12:45pm 2/21/06 12:45pm

Dunk Face!: Eddie Sutton

Yes, creativity is abundenat today amongst the Spinheads. Here we have another reader submission for Dunk Face, this time with former Oklahoma State Coach and friend of Bill W. ,Eddie Sutton. Note the obvious alteration to the title. This Dunk Face gets a voting score of .224. May not make the cut. » 2/21/06 11:28am 2/21/06 11:28am

Dunk Face!: Johnny Weir

First Dunk Face submission comes from Deadspin reader Mike from Boston, who catered to the world's fascination with the figure skating princess and put together this dazzling little photo for our enjoyment. We'll call this Dunk Face, "Sassy." » 2/21/06 10:39am 2/21/06 10:39am