Steph Curry Is Not Trying To Mess With Kenneth Faried

Stephen Curry was putting on a nice little run of dunks before last night's Blue-White scrimmage, but then Kenneth Faried one-upped him with a between-the-legs dunk. Curry, who was watching from behind the three-point line, makes like he's gonna give it a whirl but thinks better of it, cooly draining a three instead. » 8/02/14 5:20pm 8/02/14 5:20pm

This Is What Dunking On LeBron James Sounds Like

The Pacers' 84-83 victory over the Heat wasn't the most entertaining game in the world—at times it felt more like a demolition derby between LeBron James and Roy Hibbert than a basketball game—but Paul George yamming one on 'Bron is a highlight worth revisiting. Even more so because George was mic'd up for the game. » 3/27/14 9:37am 3/27/14 9:37am

Watch This Guard Pull Off A Ridiculous In-Game, Between-The-Legs Dunk

This is Snap Peters. Aside from having one of the greatest names in college basketball, Snap is a 6-foot-2 guard who plays for Talladega College. He can jump really, really high. The gem below is of our boy Snap pulling off an in-game, between-the-legs dunk against Fisk University on Monday night. It's nuts. » 2/27/14 2:01pm 2/27/14 2:01pm