Mindy McCready's Forbidden, Goofy Love For Roger Clemens

Her lawyers say she was too whacked out to realize she signed-off on "Baseball Mistress (NSFW)", but, nonetheless, I still find her woozy interview about her puppy love with Roger Clemens mesmerizing. » 4/29/10 4:45pm 4/29/10 4:45pm

Midwesterners Sure Do Love Their Lawn Mowin' T-Shirts

Irked by the loathsome "Zambrano mows my lawn" shirt found on one Cardinals fan a couple weeks ago, the Wrigley faithful come back with their own interpretation. » 5/18/09 7:00pm 5/18/09 7:00pm

Even Brian McNamee Has Become A Pro At Saying Nothing

Clemens' former trainer/abscess-causer gives a fresh "no comment." Also? A crazy fan had McNamee's autograph tattooed on his arm.[NYDN] » 5/14/09 8:45am 5/14/09 8:45am

Roger Clemens (And Gene Grabowski) Try To Get This Crazy Train Back On…

Roger Clemens emerged after a year of hibernation to appear on the "Mike and Mike" show to defend himself against some of the latest allegations about his steroid use. He didn't do so hot. » 5/12/09 10:00am 5/12/09 10:00am