The Ballad Of The Fake Dodgers Bear Mascot

The great thing about baseball is that even after 150 years, you can watch a game and see something you've never seen before. Last night was one of those games. The renegade fan dancing atop the Cardinals dugout may have been wearing a bear suit, but this was a unique instance of guerilla mascoting. » 10/15/13 8:45am 10/15/13 8:45am

Dustin Hoffman And Jason Bateman Smooch It Up On Staples Center Kiss Cam

Runaway Jury star Dustin Hoffman and Smokin' Aces thesp Jason Bateman sat beside each other at last night's game and appeared together on the kiss cam. Immediately afterwards, the Celtics fan behind them became violently ill on his common law wife. [DListed] » 6/04/10 4:15pm 6/04/10 4:15pm