You Can Actually Pinpoint The Second When Dustin Pedroia Learns His…

Dustin Pedroia missed the 2009 All-Star Game to be with his wife, who was about to give birth to their first child. Tonight, Bobby Valentine had to abruptly pull Pedroia from the game, telling him mid-inning that Kelli had gone into labor and that he had to vamoose immediately. Alas, shortly thereafter, Valentine set… » 9/12/12 11:05pm 9/12/12 11:05pm

For The Second Time In Three Weeks, ESPN Plagiarizes A Reporter's Work

In late July, ESPN got a well-deserved tsk-tsking from the Internet after a SportsCenter anchor delivered "breaking news" about Dwight Howard that was lifted, nearly verbatim, from a report. "This stuff happens from time to time," Vince Doria, ESPN's senior vice president and director of news, later told » 8/15/12 10:22am 8/15/12 10:22am

Hey, Look, The Boston Red Sox Are Smearing Their Manager Again

The Red Sox stink. This we know. They are 57-59, fourth place, the whole thing. Why they stink is not quite as clear. Cody Ross and David Ortiz are the only position players who have hit especially well, and no one (save, uh, Scott Achison) has pitched well. Does anybody know where Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez… » 8/14/12 5:35pm 8/14/12 5:35pm

Dustin Pedroia Did Not React Well To Rumors Of Kevin Youkilis Being…

The Red Sox sent Kevin Youkilis packing yesterday, shipping the popular third baseman (and more than $5 million) to the White Sox for Brent Lillibridge and pitcher Zach Stewart. The news came as a shock to Boston second baseman Dustin Pedroia, who spent several innings with his face stuck in a state of surprise. » 6/25/12 9:45am 6/25/12 9:45am

Boston Paper Already Declares Red Sox Clubhouse Mutiny

The Red Sox lost a frustrating game yesterday, highlighted by a questionable strike zone, a mid-conversion Daniel Bard looking great but clearly tiring, and the manager crossing swords with the team's two most beloved players. So today the Herald leads not with a game report, but a rush to be the first paper in town… » 4/17/12 10:10am 4/17/12 10:10am

Dustin Pedroia Says Yeah, Shit Happens, But That September 11 Yacht…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Regrets, Pryor's had a few. » 10/13/11 5:15pm 10/13/11 5:15pm

Howling Wolves And Scary Wizards Aren't Good Enough For Red Sox Nation

Got an image you'd like to see in here first thing in the morning? Send it to Subject: Morning crap » 6/03/09 9:30am 6/03/09 9:30am

Ow, My Balls!

Maybe I'm still a little irked with Boston after last night's Celtics win, but I think a picture of Dustin Pedroia getting pegged in the nuts would bring a smile to my face any day. » 5/03/09 3:30pm 5/03/09 3:30pm

So About That Dustin Pedroia Story ...

In February, on assignment for Boston Magazine, I sat down with Dustin Pedroia in Fort Myers, Fla., and we spoke for an hour in what may well be the last interesting interview Pedroia ever gives. » 4/19/09 8:00pm 4/19/09 8:00pm

The Woodland People vs. Dustin Pedroia

Last week Deadspin quicklinked to a Boston magazine profile of the Red Sox second baseman, where he characterized A-Rod as a dork and called his hometown of Woodland, California a "dump." The Woodlandians aren't happy. » 4/12/09 12:00pm 4/12/09 12:00pm

Pedroia's Brother Charged With Molestation

Dustin Pedroia's older brother has been charged with child molestation leading to disbelief within the Woodland, California community where the Pedroia's are like royalty (according to fellow resident Tom Ziller). [The Sporting Blog] » 1/25/09 4:50pm 1/25/09 4:50pm

Dustin Pedroia: Enemy of the Geese

Dustin Pedroia's stat lines this season have no doubt caught the eyes of fantasy baseball geeks, but his road to approach teammates like Big Papi in superstar status has been a bit tougher. Of course, everything's tougher when you're only five foot nothing. A profile in today's Boston Globe tells tales of diminutive… » 9/28/08 1:00pm 9/28/08 1:00pm