A Man In Minnesota Could Face DWI Charges After Crashing A Zamboni Into The Boards

Brian Dornstreich, a youth hockey coach in Apple Valley, Minn., noticed something right away about the local rink attendant Monday night: His eyes were red, and his breath smelled like Red Bull. "He looked like I do when I have my allergy attacks," Dornstreich told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. At the time,… »2/01/12 11:00am2/01/12 11:00am

ESPN Has Cut Ties With Matthew Barnaby "Effective Immediately"

After the news broke this morning that analyst Matthew Barnaby had been arrested for a DWI in Clarence, N.Y., an ESPN spokesman informed us that Bristol was "looking into the situation." We just received word that Barnaby's been fired. From ESPN's shit-handling department: "We spoke with Matthew and informed him that… »12/05/11 6:25pm12/05/11 6:25pm

ESPN's Matthew Barnaby Pulled Over While Driving On Three Tires, Charged With DWI [UPDATE]

ESPN analyst Matthew Barnaby—also known for a pro hockey career and a brief relationship with Bristol coworker Michelle Beadle— was pulled over in Clarence, N.Y. early this morning and charged with a DWI. Barnaby faced five criminal charges in a domestic dispute case just last May. »12/05/11 10:10am12/05/11 10:10am

Al Unser Jr., Two-Time Indy 500 Champ, Arrested For Drag Racing While Drunk

"Brown said Unser was drag racing another car in his Suburban and was going around 101 mph before sheriff's deputies caught up to him. ... According to a sheriff's report, Unser smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech. Sheriff's deputies said his blood-alcohol content was twice the legal limit of 0.08." [AP] »9/29/11 8:00pm9/29/11 8:00pm