Dwight Howard Mashes His Hand Into Teammate's Crotch

Dwight Howard, who always needs your attention, didn't play in the Rockets' game against the Clippers Wednesday, but he did take part in a sideline interview, and after that sideline interview, he walked back to the bench and jammed his hand into Isaiah Canaan's junk. » 2/13/15 11:32am 2/13/15 11:32am

Kevin Garnett Chucks Ball At, Headbutts Dwight Howard

Usually it is Kevin Garnett getting under his opponent's skin. But there is something so profoundly unlikeable about Dwight Howard—see Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, some heckler, and Ice Cube—that the normally cool-and-composed-while-being-a-jerk Garnett absolutely lost it on the play above, chucking the ball at and… » 1/12/15 8:54pm 1/12/15 8:54pm

Report: Dwight Howard's Son Showed Signs Of Abuse, Per Doctor

In August, Dwight Howard's ex-girlfriend went to children's services in Orlando to claim that Howard had used a belt to punish their six-year-old son. Yesterday, it emerged reported that Howard had been cleared after an investigation, but documents obtained today by TMZ indicate that the doctor who examined the boy… » 11/17/14 3:43pm 11/17/14 3:43pm

Kevin Durant To Dwight Howard: "You're A Pussy"

I don't think you can really call what happened between the Thunder and Rockets last night a "basketball game," what with both teams shooting under 30 percent and the Rockets winning 69-65 (even the mid-90s Knicks would blanch at that score). An ugly game like that tends to breed contempt—both sides let loose some… » 11/17/14 9:58am 11/17/14 9:58am

Kobe To Dwight Howard: "Soft Motherfucker, Bitch-Ass Nigga"

It was plainly clear that Kobe Bryant called Dwight Howard "soft" while shit-talking his former teammate on opening night, but now, thanks to an intrepid Instagram user who was sitting courtside at the game, we know that Kobe also called Dwight a "bitch-ass nigga." » 10/30/14 5:37pm 10/30/14 5:37pm

Kobe And Dwight Howard Talk Shit To Each Other, Get Double Technicals

Dwight Howard left the Lakers a season ago, but because of Kobe Bryant's achilles injury, the two haven't played against each other since their ill-fated partnership blew up in everybody's face. If you thought things between the two were all good, well, you don't know Kobe Bryant very well. » 10/29/14 1:26am 10/29/14 1:26am

Game Of Telephone Unfairly Paints Howard And Harden As Bad Teammates

So, what's to blame for a totally innocuous comment by Rockets big man Donatas Motiejunas getting blown up and passed down the grapevine as incriminating evidence that Dwight Howard and James Harden are aloof and alienate the rest of their teammates? Laziness, or malice, or just a really slow news day when … » 8/08/14 5:16pm 8/08/14 5:16pm

Dwight Howard Blocks Little Kid; Little Kid Schools Dwight Howard

If you're a small child and you want to go one-on-one with Dwight Howard, now seems to be the time to strike. Previously, we saw him dunk on and block the crap out of a small Wizards fan, and now we have him taking on a pint-sized Kings fan. But this game comes with a surprise ending. » 2/26/14 9:37am 2/26/14 9:37am

Dwight Howard Joins In "Howard Sucks" Chant In L.A.

Dwight Howard's return to Los Angeles went pretty much as expected: Fans got on him, and the Lakers got blown out. At one point in the third—with Houston already up big—Howard joined in the "Howard Sucks" chants coming from the crowd. » 2/20/14 10:11am 2/20/14 10:11am

That Isn't Dwight Howard, Ma'am

We all know that the dude in these two photos isn't NBA center Dwight Howard, right? An excited but tricked fan let everyone on Instagram know how she met Dwight Howard. Nah. The best part is when the real Dwight Howard shows up in the comments: » 2/12/14 8:01pm 2/12/14 8:01pm

Houston Rockets Get The Crap Scared Out Of Them By Their Own Mascot

Here's another reason for us to love inflatable mascots. Not only are they good at creating timeless GIFs and eating cheerleaders, they are also well-equipped to scare the shit out of a bunch of grown men. » 1/09/14 4:07pm 1/09/14 4:07pm

Dwight Howard Ate All The Sugar

There was a very odd, long story on CBS Sports earlier this week that read uncomfortably like an infomercial for "Dr. Cate" Shanahan, an inventor of a pseudo-paleodiet who's been brought on by the Lakers as a nutritional consultant. I want to bring this passage about Dwight Howard to your attention. » 12/11/13 6:04pm 12/11/13 6:04pm

Here's Dwight Howard Making All His Free Throws In Warmups

Dwight Howard is making 54.4 percent of his free throws this year. He made 49 percent of them in each of the past two seasons, and is 57 percent for his career. Here he is hitting 18 of 20 in warmups, including 10 straight. » 11/22/13 9:56am 11/22/13 9:56am

Dwight Howard Got Owned By A Heckler Last Night

A fun thing happened during last night's Rockets-Mavericks game. Late in the fourth quarter, Dwight Howard got heckled by a very angry man who may or may not have been an extra in Wayne's World 2, and Howard responded by tossing the ball at the heckler. » 11/21/13 11:11am 11/21/13 11:11am

Dwight Howard Wants To Fight In The UFC For Some Reason

So Dwight Howard was backstage at a fight card in Houston recently and he talked boisterously, before Chandler Parsons and the world, about how he'd love to fight one day and would do it for $10 million and—and, who cares, right? It's Dwight Howard. We know he'll never fight. (Even if he did, it wouldn't be the sort… » 11/07/13 6:33pm 11/07/13 6:33pm

Let's Watch Dwight Howard Grind With An Old Lady

Consider this a sequel of sorts to Let's Watch Charles Barkley Grind With A Middle-Aged Lady. Dwight Howard is still hanging out in Aspen, Colo., and last night he appears to have happened upon a rocking dance party at the local senior center. Shit got a little weird. » 8/09/13 11:45am 8/09/13 11:45am

The Mavericks Made A Superman-Themed Video For Dwight Howard

Mark Cuban decided to release the video the Mavericks used to woo Dwight Howard to Dallas. It's basically a trailer for a superhero cartoon that never happened. » 8/04/13 1:50pm 8/04/13 1:50pm