We Heard About The Nude Celeb Pics Hack Weeks Ago; Here's What We Know

We get many tips every day. (By the way, email us at tips@deadspin.com!) Some of these are dead ends; others are not. A few weeks ago, someone emailed us with a weird story involving pictures of nude celebrities that, without going into it in detail, sounded and sounds like total bullshit. But then there was today's… » 8/31/14 11:20pm 8/31/14 11:20pm

“Hey Ungrateful Quitter": Emails From An Angry Lacrosse Coach

Consider this your latest reminder that lacrosse is the worst. What follows is an email exchange, forwarded to us by a tipster, that took place between an angry lacrosse coach, one of his players, and that player's parents. It begins with the player telling his coach that he won't be able to attend a practice or game.… » 7/03/13 3:41pm 7/03/13 3:41pm

Gisele Bundchen Sends Email

Gisele emailed some people about the Super Bowl, which her husband is playing in. One of those people forwarded it to the Post, which is how we got to where we are today. In a "disgustingly sappy email" (EXCLUSIVE//MUST CREDIT NEW YORK POST), Bundchen asked for some positive thoughts to be sent "Tommy's" way. » 2/02/12 11:05am 2/02/12 11:05am

We Would Like Stories Of Your Gambling Travails, Please

From time to time, you gamble, and we write about it in a column called Bad Beats. Of course, there are no Bad Beats without your Bad Beats, so please, we beg you, send us any gambling stories you normally consider appropriate only for the company of drunken assholes. » 4/15/11 1:20pm 4/15/11 1:20pm

Self-Proclaimed Jersey-Chasers Bring UNC Hoopsters To Sorority Formal,…

Last night was Spring Formal for the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of the Chi Omega sorority. And three of the lovely ladies landed as dates three of the members of the basketball team: Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Kendall Marshall. » 4/01/11 9:55am 4/01/11 9:55am

A Glimpse Into How The Duke Fuck List Went Viral

Below, you'll find some of the email strains that came in touting the infamous Duke "fuck list." This is how your viral sausage gets all plump and juicy. » 10/01/10 6:05pm 10/01/10 6:05pm

A Reminder: When You Email Deadspin, You Are Contributing To Deadspin

Unless you specify that your email is off the record anything that comes into any author or the tips line is fair game. So be mindful of that every time you send us something. For example... » 4/14/10 4:35pm 4/14/10 4:35pm