Your College Football Early Games Thread

For potential heart-attack fetishists, there's Illinois at Michigan State. For sadists, B.C. at Florida State or Minnesota at Purdue. For the righteous/godless, Western Michigan at Notre Dame. For college-football addicts, there's Missouri at Texas A&M and Vanderbilt at Georgia. » 10/16/10 12:00pm 10/16/10 12:00pm

Your NFL Early Games Open Thread

Anybody else not buying into the Kansas City undefeated resurgence? We'll know soon enough, considering they head into Indianapolis [Kansas City Star]. Other 1 p.m. games that look appealing: Denver at Baltimore, Giants at Texans, Packers at Skins. » 10/10/10 12:45pm 10/10/10 12:45pm

Your College Football Early Games Open Thread

Can Massachusetts keep the final score respectable against Michigan? Someone really values the rivalry that is Northern Illinois at Illinois, right? And maybe, just maybe, someone can explain how Georgia doesn't upset No. 12 Arkansas. » 9/18/10 12:00pm 9/18/10 12:00pm