We've Given Maryland Football's Dramatic "Pride" Video An Earthquake Panic Remix

Before the season opener against Miami on Monday night, the Terps aired a promotional "Maryland Pride" video to fire up the home crowd and to display the Under Armour logo as many times as possible. The original included the Ravens' Torrey Smith—but not the part where he bolted for safer ground when the earthquake… »9/07/11 11:25am9/07/11 11:25am

Here's Video Of's Fantasy 411 Guys Coming To Grips With The Earthquake

Thanks to the chaps over at BroBible for sending this footage of MLB Network's Jeremy Brisiel, Cory Schwartz, and Mike Siano at the moment their studio started shaking Tuesday afternoon. Say they, "The look of doom and gloom on Cory Schwartz's face is a thing of beauty." And they're right. It is. »8/25/11 10:00pm8/25/11 10:00pm

The Ravens' Torrey Smith, In The Safest Place Imaginable, Ran For His Life When The Earthquake Hit

Smith, the Ravens' second-round draft pick out of Maryland, was doing a UM commercial when the earth moved. Owings Mills is 120 miles as the crow raven flies from the epicenter of the quake, so we're sure it was intense. We're also sure that a wide open football field is precisely the safest place to be in an… »8/24/11 12:20pm8/24/11 12:20pm

Lakers Blogger From Japan Offers Disaster Updates, Perspective

Don Landrigan, who blogs about the L.A. Lakers at, lives with his family on the southernmost of Japan's main islands. What that means is he's not in the heart of earthquake-and-tsunami disaster zone, but his take on the subsequent devastation doesn't match what he calls "half-crazed ramblings" about… »3/13/11 2:00pm3/13/11 2:00pm