By Adding Tulane And East Carolina, The Big East's Takeover Of Conference USA Is Almost Complete

Oh, look: The Big East is adding teams again, because why not? West Virginia already bolted, Pitt and Syracuse will be gone next year, and Rutgers the year after that (if not sooner). What better solution, then, than to add Tulane for all sports and East Carolina for football? »11/27/12 1:00pm11/27/12 1:00pm

Former ECU Running Back Arrested After Driving Through A Cemetery

ECU's Brandon Jackson was kicked off the team in 2010 after an arrest for public intoxication and resisting arrest—his third arrest in two seasons. He's found trouble again, being charged for a hit-and-run incident two weeks ago in which he allegedly drove his Lexus through a cemetery, knocking over 12-15 tombstones. »5/17/12 3:35pm5/17/12 3:35pm

East Carolina University Will Not Abide Dong On Front Page Of Student Paper, Fires Innocent Man

Two months ago, John Sieglinger of Raleigh removed his raiment and ran across the field at halftime of the East Carolina University-Southern Miss football game. Three days after that, The East Carolinian student paper published uncensored photos of Sieglinger's Streak on its front page and its website, sparking moral… »1/06/12 1:15pm1/06/12 1:15pm

The East Carolina University Student Paper Is Not Afraid To Show Cock-And-Balls On The Front Page (NSFW)

At halftime of the East Carolina University-Southern Miss football game on Saturday, John Sieglinger of Raleigh bravely stormed the field wearing nothing but his manhood. Nothing unusual about a streaker down Carolina way. Sieglinger was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and misdemeanor indecent exposure. Nothing… »11/08/11 3:15pm11/08/11 3:15pm