How Athletic Departments (And The Media) Fudge The Cost Of Scholarships

Paula Lavigne has an insightful piece on ESPN.com about how college sports thrived even as the rest of America suffered through a terrible economic downturn starting in late 2008. Paula is one of the best people writing in the mainstream sports press on money issues, and this piece is no exception. She presents a… »5/02/14 2:24pm

Economists Disagree Over How Influential Jose Canseco Was In Spreading Steroids, Start Getting Personal

With advance apologies for giving any more press to Jose Canseco, you might want to check out a little contretemps happening over at Econ Journal Watch about Canseco's role as the Johnny Appleseed of baseball steroids. There's been a debate for a few years now about Canseco's claims to have spread the gospel of 'roids… »2/09/13 10:19pm

What Impoverished High-School Football Players Teach Us About The Virtues Of Capitalism: Nothing, Unless You Are A Lunatic Who Writes For Forbes

So I attended a Preview Screening, for free, of the Academy Oscar® Award-winning Documentary-movie Undefeated, in my capacity as a "Film Critic." Later, and not in the theater, because that's rude, while I was Internetting for fact-checking information in re the 2009 Manassas Tigers High School football team, I hit an… »3/16/12 3:28pm

NBPA Economist Kevin Murphy Provides Some Intellectual Capital On The Lockout

NBA.com has published an interview with Kevin Murphy, the noted genius and economist who's been working with the Players' Assocation since June. This is the first time the University of Chicago professor has talked publicly since the lockout began. Go read it to gain some bonafide intellectual capital about this mess.… »10/27/11 5:45pm