Ed Hochuli Reviewed An Un-Reviewable Play And Then Said He Did Not Review It Because It Was Un-Reviewable

Cleveland unexpectedly forced Dallas to overtime, and after an incomplete pass to Miles Austin with 8:35 left to go in the extra period Cleveland called timeout—presumably to force a replay from the booth. Cleveland thought the play was a catch, fumble and Browns recovery. Almost immediately, CBS went to commercial…

Ed Hochuli's Crew Got The Full CBS Starting Lineup Treatment, Complete With Stating Where They Attended School

How excited was CBS for the return of union officials? Ed Hochuli's crew did the full Super Bowl-style intros before tonight's Jacksonville-Cincinnati game; the officials even said where they went to school. It was cute, but a little weird; after all, we're already back to booing these guys. [CBS]

Jerry Jones Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Let Everyone Know That Ed Hochuli Has Sucked For A While

It's been a rough week for referee Ed Hochuli as The Worst Officiating Call In The History Of The NFL continues to get picked apart by football pundits, fans, and coaches. As , Hochuli has been busy apologizing to everyone for his botched whistle-blow in the Chargers/Broncos game. One person not surprised by Hochuli's…