Ed Hochuli Denies Telling Cam Newton He Isn't "Old Enough" To Get A Call

Cam Newton was upset about a borderline-late hit that went uncalled in Carolina’s 27-22 win over New Orleans, and he was even more upset by what he said was referee Ed Hochuli’s explanation: “He said, ‘Cam, you’re not old enough to get that call.’” Hochuli denies it, and if you can read lips, you can decide for… »9/29/15 9:08am9/29/15 9:08am

If You've Ever Wanted To Hear Ed Hochuli Talk About Buttocks, Today Is Your Day

We're surprised this doesn't happen more often, and maybe it does—but hearing popular NFL referee Ed Hochuli do it has a special flair. Hochuli's description of the results of a video replay in today's Bills-Colts game required his use of the word "buttocks"—you know the workout-obsessed ref wanted to use "glutes,"… »11/25/12 2:27pm11/25/12 2:27pm

Ed Hochuli Reviewed An Un-Reviewable Play And Then Said He Did Not Review It Because It Was Un-Reviewable

Cleveland unexpectedly forced Dallas to overtime, and after an incomplete pass to Miles Austin with 8:35 left to go in the extra period Cleveland called timeout—presumably to force a replay from the booth. Cleveland thought the play was a catch, fumble and Browns recovery. Almost immediately, CBS went to commercial… »11/18/12 7:12pm11/18/12 7:12pm

Ed Hochuli's Crew Got The Full CBS Starting Lineup Treatment, Complete With Stating Where They Attended School

How excited was CBS for the return of union officials? Ed Hochuli's crew did the full Super Bowl-style intros before tonight's Jacksonville-Cincinnati game; the officials even said where they went to school. It was cute, but a little weird; after all, we're already back to booing these guys. [CBS] »9/30/12 4:27pm9/30/12 4:27pm

In These Troubled Times, Why Not Trust Your Money To A Hochuli?

Have some money to invest, but you're not totally sold on the financial genius that is Lenny Dykstra? Why not try Shawn Hochuli, son of embattled NFL referee iron pumper Ed Hochuli? Shawn is a football referee as well, in addition to being a young Gordon Gekko. Hochuli refs in the Big 12, working games from Iowa to… »11/25/08 11:45am11/25/08 11:45am

Don't Hassle The Hoch! Ed Hochuli Under Siege Once Again

This photo of Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway grabbing a large helping of Reggie Bush's facemask during the Monday night game was on the front page of the Saints' web site this morning; the franchise's way of protesting the fact that no flag was thrown on the play. The genius part of this is that no written mention… »10/07/08 5:15pm10/07/08 5:15pm

Jerry Jones Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Let Everyone Know That Ed Hochuli Has Sucked For A While

It's been a rough week for referee Ed Hochuli as The Worst Officiating Call In The History Of The NFL »9/17/08 9:15am9/17/08 9:15am continues to get picked apart by football pundits, fans, and coaches. As , Hochuli has been busy apologizing to everyone for his botched whistle-blow in the Chargers/Broncos game. One person not surprised by Hochuli's…

All Of The Lateral Flys In The World Could Not Make Ed Hochuli Feel Better Right Now

After Sunday's spastic whistle-blowing by big-armed referee Ed Hochuli cost the San Diego Chargers a victory in their shootout against Denver, the NFL has acted swiftly and strongly, downgrading the 19-year veteran for his error, which could impact his playoff game status and possibly his career. The NFL Referees… »9/16/08 3:00pm9/16/08 3:00pm