College Players Can Get a PS4 From a Bowl Game, But They Can't Be Paid

The Military Bowl is no one's idea of a major college football bowl game. It's a shitty bowl, in fact, inviting five-loss teams to stage background-noise football two days after Christmas. Despite that, every player from Maryland and Marshall will receive a PlayStation 4 for showing up this year. » 12/09/13 7:37pm 12/09/13 7:37pm

EA Sports Settles With Former Players For $40 Million. Next: The NCAA?

Yesterday it was announced that EA Sports is at least temporarily getting out of the college football video game business, after settling lawsuits brought by thousands of former players claiming their likenesses were used without compensation. It's chump change for the players, but one big fish still remains: the NCAA… » 9/27/13 3:20pm 9/27/13 3:20pm

NFL Pros Go Back to College to Fight for Their Video Game Rights

Two letters and a number. That's all you need to be a household name in college football—or its video game, at least. But this year, when NCAA Football 14 hits shelves on Tuesday, South Carolina's fearsome DE#7 and Texas A&M's do-it-all QB#2 will be joined, for the first time, by active players appearing under their own … » 7/07/13 5:42pm 7/07/13 5:42pm

College Athletes are More Than a Number, and Everyone Knows It

For many sports fans, a number is as identifiable as a name. Growing up far away from a professional team, those numbers didn't really imprint on me until I covered football for four years at college. Ever since, I remember uniform numerals not with a name, but as a name. » 4/14/13 6:44pm 4/14/13 6:44pm

The Daily Show Takes On NCAA, Leaves Smoking Crater

The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi ventured into our familiar waters last night with a lengthy piece that delved not just into Minnesota wrestler Joel Bauman's NCAA-verboten singing career but Ed O'Bannon's megaton lawsuit. » 4/12/13 10:18am 4/12/13 10:18am

Ed O'Bannon Would Like To Be In Basketball After All

After not hearing his name in years, you now have two Ed O'Bannon updates in one week. Why? Because after a lengthy discussion about how he's finally come to terms with life after basketball, basketball is back in his life. » 6/19/09 1:43pm 6/19/09 1:43pm