The Texans Got Old Man Ed Reed A Walker For His Birthday

Ed Reed turned 35 yesterday. His new teammates in Houston recognized the occasion by presenting him with a Hall of Fame jacket cake, but free safety Danieal Manning also gave Reed this platinum walker as a gag. Reed has yet to play this season because of a hip injury. No word on whether the Texans billed Medicare for… »9/12/13 2:25pm9/12/13 2:25pm

Ed Reed And Eddie Money Sang "Two Tickets To Paradise" And It Was An Uncomfortable Mess

Singing Eddie Money's "Two Tickets To Paradise" sort of became Ed Reed's thing during the Ravens' Super Bowl run. He sang at the send-off before the game and at the celebration in Baltimore after the win. And probably a million times in between in the shower, too—stupid Geico commercial—but this, this was not… »3/04/13 9:45pm3/04/13 9:45pm

ESPN Asks: When Will Anyone Pay Attention To A Famous Football Player In This Super Bowl?

OK, now that two different reporters have battled for the chance to drag the mother of a victim in the Ray Lewis murder case to the graveyard, what else can the members of the press corps do to demonstrate that their Super Bowl coverage is about the unexpected and unappreciated angles? Looks like it's time to just go… »1/29/13 6:23pm1/29/13 6:23pm

Here's A Video Of Ed Reed And Bryant McKinnie Singing "Silent Night" At A Bar To Accompany Your Christmas Celebration

Tipster Nicholas sent us this video of Baltimore Ravens players Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie singing "Silent Night" karaoke to an enthusiastic bar crowd, and really, what better day to post it than on Christmas? Nicholas says this video was taken on Dec. 2, a few hours after the Steelers beat the Ravens 23-20. Not… »12/25/12 3:00pm12/25/12 3:00pm