Eddie Griffin's Criminal Climax

Because we are nothing if not thorough, digging down so deep into a story that we can't imagine how to get out, doggedly pursuing every subplot until the thread is bare, we return you today to the story of Timberwolves forward Eddie Griffin. As you might remember, Mr. Griffin was arrested for crashing his car while… » 12/05/06 3:40pm 12/05/06 3:40pm

Eddie Griffin's Odd Film Choices

In case you were in desperate need of some of the inside details of the Eddie Griffin masturbating in his car story — and, obviously, you were, because what person in his right mind isn't? — the official PDF version of the complaint in the lawsuit against him has been released. Our personal favorite section: » 7/07/06 12:15pm 7/07/06 12:15pm