Eddie Johnson Puts Shocking Blond Hair To Good Use With Header

Seconds after entering the United States' Gold Cup match with El Salvador, newly blond forward Eddie Johnson saved himself from being the butt of jokes with a tremendous header for a goal. [FOX] » 7/21/13 5:43pm 7/21/13 5:43pm

U.S.A. Escapes From Antigua With A Win Thanks To Eddie Johnson's…

Eddie Johnson scored both goals for the U.S. men's national team and helped lift his side to an enormous 2-1 upset over the heavily favored Antigua & Barbuda team tonight in North Sound. » 10/12/12 9:06pm 10/12/12 9:06pm

Eddie Johnson Reminds You That He Does Not Molest Children

It was really not the best of weeks for Phoenix Suns broadcaster (and former Illini) Eddie Johnson. As we mentioned, Johnson was consistently confused with fellow former NBA player Eddie Johnson, who was just arrested and charged with child molestation. Problem is, most people don't know that Eddie Johnson; they know… » 8/14/06 1:44pm 8/14/06 1:44pm