Diplo And Skrillex On Charlie Rose: A Partially Fabricated Transcript

Popular music becomes harder to wrap your head around as you get older, but shit’s so weird these days that you don’t even have to be that old to find yourself flummoxed by it. The majority of people in their forties don’t get Taylor Swift, lots and lots of thirtysomethings are baffled by the success of Drake, and… »8/18/15 5:37pm8/18/15 5:37pm


EDM Sleeps Tonight: Inside Avicii's Serene Brooklyn Show

The vehicles lined up six deep down both sides of the arena. The news trucks along Flatbush Ave., their satellite antennas towering over the street lights as the sun dipped. The ambulances along Atlantic Ave., uniformed EMS milling about smoking cigarettes. Only one group expected anything to happen. »6/29/14 1:47pm6/29/14 1:47pm