Port Said Soccer Violence Leads To 21 Death Sentences, Which Kick Off…

Today, nearly a year after 79 died when supporters of rival soccer teams Al-Masry and Al-Ahly fought in the Al-Ahly stadium after a Feb. 1 game in the Egyptian city of Port Said, a court sentenced 21 people to death in connection with the riot. Trouble began to brew in Port Said shortly after the verdicts were… » 1/26/13 5:00pm 1/26/13 5:00pm

Instead Of Nike Gear, Egypt Gave Its Olympic Athletes Chinese Knockoffs

One of the most basic roles of a nation's Olympic committee is to outfit its athletes: clothes, bags, training gear, all that good stuff. Someone at the Egyptian Olympic Committee appears to have outsourced that responsibility to the lowest bidder, because all 117 Egyptian Olympians were given counterfeit Nike gear.… » 7/25/12 3:25pm 7/25/12 3:25pm

After Riot, Egyptian Soccer Will Resume—In Empty Stadiums

Two weeks after a politically charged riot at a game in Port Said resulted in 74 deaths, Egyptian soccer's interim chairman says the Egyptian Premier League will resume play once their investigation is completed. When they do come back, matches will initially be played in empty stadiums until the country has a stable… » 2/16/12 2:55pm 2/16/12 2:55pm

At Least Eight 40 70 People Killed After Egyptian Soccer Fans Storm…

Supporters of Egyptian side Al Masry invaded the field after today's 3-1 win over Al Ahly in Port Said, attacking Al Ahly players and security personnel. Al Jazeera is reporting that eight people have been killed and more than 60 injured. [via 101 Great Goals] » 2/01/12 1:55pm 2/01/12 1:55pm

Soccer Player Disgraces Self, Team, Descendants Forever With Awful…

Here's Amir Sayoud, playing for Egyptian side Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup, doing his absolute best to make a mockery of the game with a penalty kick that never really got going. Sayoud even got a yellow card for his troubles. [BusinessInsider] » 9/07/11 10:45am 9/07/11 10:45am

Man Vs. Lion Goes Down Pretty Much How You'd Expect

A modern day Egyptian gladiator announced plans to fight a lion to the death in the name of boosting tourism. This weekend he made good, locking himself in a steel cage with a bored, lazy lion who just wanted to digest the whole donkey he was fed beforehand. » 6/27/11 3:35pm 6/27/11 3:35pm

Here's Video Of An Egyptian Soccer Player Named Shadi Mohamed…

It didn't much matter to Mohamed Sobhi that he and his Ismaily teammates were up 3-2 in the waning moments of their match against El Gounah. What mattered most to the goalkeeper was that he apparently thought his defender Shadi Mohamed spat in his face after some action in front of the net. » 4/28/11 12:00am 4/28/11 12:00am

Drunken Diver Kills Maneating Shark With His Butt

Some of you might question this story, in which the notorious shark that's been terrorizing and Egyptian report was inadvertently killed by a drunken Serbian man landing on it from a diving board. But it's reported by a Macedonian News Agency! [NYPost] » 12/22/10 1:50pm 12/22/10 1:50pm

Algerian Soccer Team Did Not Sign Up For This

Check out this ridiculous footage of the Algerian bus under siege from rock-throwing Egyptian hooligans. Say....does anyone want my ticket for their World Cup qualifier this weekend? I suddenly have to be somewhere else. [Goal.com, DirtyTackle] » 11/13/09 10:00am 11/13/09 10:00am

Egyptian Press Reports What Really Happened In That South Africa Hotel…

In Egypt, which lacks a free press, the government can try to make a scandal dissipate just by using politically correct language. Case in point: apparently, the translation for "possibly-money-stealing-and-home-wrecking prostitutes" is "girls." » 6/26/09 3:30pm 6/26/09 3:30pm

The Egyptian Soccer Whore Debate Rages On

So the South African police retracted their statement about the ladies of the night but still haven't arrested any hotel staff? Allah punished Egypt with a loss because they're "unclean?" Egyptian players demand apology from South Africa? » 6/26/09 9:44am 6/26/09 9:44am

Egypt De-Pantses Italians Soccer Team

And now for something on the lighter side ... guy falls down, loses shorts. Ha ha. I would not have expected tighty whiteys from the Italian team, though. [TotalProSports] » 6/19/09 5:28pm 6/19/09 5:28pm