Karim Benzema's Gorgeous Pass To Ronaldo Helps Tie Up El Clasico 1-1

Karim Benzema's tiny little flick to Ronaldo is a thing of beauty because it's the kind of devilish move that makes soccer special. At first glance, it's just another back-heel. Then Ronaldo comes charging down the pitch with nothing but green and a goalkeeper in front of him and you realize, oh my God, that play was… »3/22/15 5:06pm3/22/15 5:06pm

Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo Find Their Final Forms

For a depressingly large group of actuarial soccer fans, this season's thrilling edition of the duel between temporally and cosmically entwined superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has mainly served as another set of cudgels to club down the other's reputation and legacy. Go deeper, because if you're… »3/19/15 2:39pm3/19/15 2:39pm

Today, El Clásico Is The Only Thing That Matters

For as world-stoppingly important as it feels every time Real Madrid and Barcelona take the pitch against one another, we've actually become a bit inured to them over the years. If it seems like there are about eight El Clásicos every season nowadays, it's because there pretty much are: in the past four years, the two… »10/25/14 10:43am10/25/14 10:43am

Adorable Little Dog Turns Demonic At The Mention Of Barcelona Players

The Real Madrid-FC Barcelona rivalry is one of the greatest in sports, and almost everyone in the world picks a side when the two clubs meet. I know this is the part where I'm supposed to speak some sappy bullshit about how this rivalry seeps through all the way to the Animal Kingdom, and use that as a reason this pup… »4/25/14 3:17pm4/25/14 3:17pm

Young Superstars Neymar And Gareth Bale Are The Future Of El Clásico

Tomorrow is El Clásico, a matchup between two of the biggest, most storied clubs in the world: Real Madrid and Barcelona. It's the best rivalry in sports because it's the best kind of rivalry in sports. For 90 minutes, decades of shared history, clashing politics and nationalism will intersect with soccer to create… »10/25/13 2:52pm10/25/13 2:52pm

Lionel Messi Scores Breathtaking Goal On Impossible Free Kick

Real Madrid clinched the Spanish Supercopa with today's victory over Barcelona, but Lionel Messi still did something remarkably Messi-like on this free kick at the end of the first half. Be sure to watch the replay that begins at the 45-second mark to see the way Messi managed to get the ball outside the wall and… »8/29/12 7:20pm8/29/12 7:20pm

Are Messi And Barcelona Sending Secret Messages To Help Rebels Smuggle Guns Into Syria?

The answer is, no, obviously not. That would be stupid. But we can't ignore it, because at least one entity is buying into the conspiracy theory that Messi, Pedro and their Barcelona teammates are sending hidden messages to the Syrian resistance via their on-field play in a recent Clásico: Syrian State TV. »3/22/12 10:10am3/22/12 10:10am

Messi's Being Messi Again, And Dani Alves Has A Nuke-Powered Boot

Barcelona holds a 4-3 aggregate edge in the second half of their return trip to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, thanks to the illusionist Lionel Messi setting up Pedro for the initial score and then a blistering strike by Dani Alves off a free kick rebound. The goals set up a 4-1 aggregate edge that would have… »1/25/12 5:36pm1/25/12 5:36pm

Messi Had A Hand In Barça's 2-1 Win Over Real Madrid—A Hand That Pepe Stepped On

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo's opening goal, Barcelona claimed the first leg of their Copa del Rey quarterfinal against Real Madrid on a Eric Abidal goal set up by Lionel Messi—a goal that came ten minutes after Real's Pepe stomped on Messi's hand in an act that sent commentator Ray Hudson into apoplexy. [GOLTV] »1/18/12 6:50pm1/18/12 6:50pm

Your Real Madrid-Barcelona Tercero Clásico Open Thread

Lots of really awesome and famous soccer players will play soccer against each other in Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal. Cristiano Ronaldo will wow. Lionel Messi will wow. And the two team coaches, er, managers, will definitely wow. They always do. Sometimes the action on the sidelines is… »4/27/11 2:45pm4/27/11 2:45pm

Your Barcelona-Real Madrid Segundo Clásico Open Thread

The Spanish Superbowl enters its second stage today in Valencia. This one is for the championship of the Copa del Rey. On Saturday, Real Madrid managed a shorthanded come-from-behind 1-1 draw in a league game. Over the next two weeks, the teams will play twice more to decide a Champions League semifinal. Today's game,… »4/20/11 3:30pm4/20/11 3:30pm