MLB Hot Stove Apathy: The Real Secret Variable That (Almost) Predicted The Presidential Election

The "Redskins Rule" failed to pick the winner for second time in three presidential races, so it looks like everyone will have to pick a new random sports thing as their favorite election-prediction oracle. Instead of just choosing some random team's game, we decided to go to the sports site that really has its finger… »11/07/12 5:00pm11/07/12 5:00pm

Linda McMahon's Failed Senate Campaign Left Husband Vince A Sad, Sad Man

Linda McMahon has spent nearly $100 million in failed attempts to be elected over the past two election cycles, only to find the voters of Connecticut thoroughly rejecting her. After losing out on the Senate seat to Christopher Murphy last night, Linda McMahon delivered the required concession speech—making sure to… »11/07/12 3:45pm11/07/12 3:45pm

76ers Forward And Romney Supporter Lavoy Allen Didn't Let Last Night's Election Results Stop Him From Macking

Lavoy Allen voted for Mitt Romney yesterday, so he was no doubt disappointed with how the election turned out. Permafaced actress Stacey Dash was also a Mitt Romney supporter, and was probably bummed out last night, too. Allen, however, tried to make the best of things, and saw last night as the perfect opportunity… »11/07/12 11:39am11/07/12 11:39am

Karl Rove In Denial, Melts Down On Fox News, Attempts To Get Network To Rescind Calling Election

It's been a weird night at Fox News, and it got even weirder in the moments after every network, wire service, and amateur mathematician called the election for President Obama. That's because Fox News contributor Karl Rove—who spent millions attempting to get Romney elected—bizarrely refused to accept his own… »11/07/12 12:03am11/07/12 12:03am

Columbus NBC Station Airs "We're All Fucked" Tweet, Apologizes, Demands Viewers Stop Cursing On Twitter

Columbus, OH NBC affiliate WCMH is inviting viewers to participate in tonight's broadcast using social media, and sampled the #StayInLine hashtag to see what people were saying to encourage would-be voters. They left this onscreen for nearly a minute, which is a problem because here's the top tweet aired onscreen: »11/06/12 9:28pm11/06/12 9:28pm

A Throbbing Election In Our Sweatpants! Your Deadspin Live Blog And Open Thread

Before we start tonight, I offer you this heartwarming story from our own Tommy Craggs about going to vote today: "I saw an old man melt down in the middle of the gym. He was screaming, 'Does anyone work here??' And then, when he learned he'd have to wait in line to use a booth, he crumpled up his ballot, threw it at… »11/06/12 7:15pm11/06/12 7:15pm

Who Is Being Told To Stick To Basketball Today? (LeBron James. It's LeBron James.)

It's Election Day! On Monday, LeBron James urged his followers in a gentle and oblique way to vote for Barack Obama. This is a thing that people to do in America, even sports stars. Another thing that people do in America: tell other people not talk about politics, especially sports stars. »11/06/12 12:48pm11/06/12 12:48pm

Here Are The Highlights Of Chris Berman's Interviews With President Obama And Mitt Romney

Last night's Monday Night Football was no oasis from politics for sports fans, as ESPN repeated its performance from 2008 and had the major candidates for president appear during halftime for a conversation with Chris Berman. Berman, who continues to somehow blackmail Vince Doria into letting him do these things,… »11/06/12 11:17am11/06/12 11:17am

Deadspin On The 2012 Election: A Roundup Of Relevant Stories That Will Probably Infuriate Some Of You

Election Day is tomorrow. If you are one of those hopeless morons who think it's some sort of thought crime to mention politics in the same breath as sports, well, this is not the post for you. For the rest of you, here are some recent Deadspin stories relevant to the election.
»11/05/12 2:15pm11/05/12 2:15pm