Craig James's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Senate Campaign Has …

All the polls have now closed in the state of Texas, and the US Senate campaign of former ESPN analyst Craig James has reached its inevitable nadir, struggling to even gain 4 percent of the statewide party vote as ballots continue to be counted. » 5/29/12 9:18pm 5/29/12 9:18pm

Today Is The Day Craig James Gets Demolished In The Election

This is it: the polls are officially open for voting in the Republican primary for Texas's vacant Senate seat. Today is the day Craig James finds out if his gay-baiting self-funding, low-polling, hooker-murder-denying Senate campaign will bear fruit, or be all for naught. Judging from the latest numbers, which you can… » 5/29/12 9:15am 5/29/12 9:15am