We Made Killer Mike Some Campaign Posters

The people have spoken, and the people really want Killer Mike to run for public office. Yesterday, he tweeted that you should write him in as a candidate in the current Georgia State Senate election, which quickly lead the internet to believe he was actually running. He’s not, he later clarified. At least not this… »6/16/15 4:37pm6/16/15 4:37pm


Today Is The Day Craig James Gets Demolished In The Election

This is it: the polls are officially open for voting in the Republican primary for Texas's vacant Senate seat. Today is the day Craig James finds out if his gay-baiting self-funding, low-polling, hooker-murder-denying Senate campaign will bear fruit, or be all for naught. Judging from the latest numbers, which you can… »5/29/12 9:15am5/29/12 9:15am

In Completely Unrelated Penn State News, Adam Taliaferro Is Now An Elected Official

Taliaferro, who was paralyzed during a 2000 game but recovered enough to lead the Nittany Lions onto the field a year later, is now a Gloucester County (N.J.) freeholder-elect. I don't know what that is! But it has nothing to do with Jerry Sandusky! So yay. [Gloucester County Times] »11/09/11 11:20am11/09/11 11:20am