The Giants Lost In A Way No Team Has In Over 50 Years

The Saints and Giants disrespected the entire concept of defense in football Sunday as they combined for 101 total points in a 52-49 New Orleans win. Drew Brees threw seven passing touchdowns; Eli Manning threw six. Since only one team could win, the Giants ended up scoring the second-most points in any game on Sunday… »11/02/15 2:44pm11/02/15 2:44pm

The Giants' Collapse Was Even Dumber Than It Looked (And It Already Looked Pretty Dumb)

It was one thing when it appeared that the Giants’ merely brainfarted 40 extra seconds to the Cowboys for a game-winning drive that needed 33 of them. Now as players discuss the calls in the huddle and from the sideline, it’s so, so much worse: the Giants a) did not realize how many timeouts the Cowboys had, and b) »9/14/15 2:00pm9/14/15 2:00pm

Report: Eli Manning Wants To Be NFL's Highest-Paid Player

In football, maybe more than in any other sport, players are hyperaware of their market value and set it by their closest contemporaries. Philip Rivers re-upped with the Chargers this weekend, and no one is poring over his contract numbers more than Eli Manning and the Giants. And according to one report, Manning… »8/18/15 9:17am8/18/15 9:17am

Here's Seattle's Michael Bennett Doing The Ravishing Rick Rude Taunt

Michael Bennett's sack of Eli Manning in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, right in the middle of the Giants' collapse during the late third and early fourth, was enough to land him in the top 25 defensive ends for the week. But what the stats won't tell you is that Bennett whipped out the Ravishing Rick Rude… »11/10/14 1:16pm11/10/14 1:16pm

Peyton Manning Scolds College Kids, Achieves Maximum Dadness

The New York Daily News has a cool story about hanging out at the Manning family's annual summer football camp—which is less of a camp at this point and more of a pilgrimage site for thousands of wannabe NFL players—and there are some entertaining anecdotes in there about Peyton, Eli, and Archie. But none surpass this… »7/22/14 1:21pm7/22/14 1:21pm