Here's Seattle's Michael Bennett Doing The Ravishing Rick Rude Taunt

Michael Bennett's sack of Eli Manning in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, right in the middle of the Giants' collapse during the late third and early fourth, was enough to land him in the top 25 defensive ends for the week. But what the stats won't tell you is that Bennett whipped out the Ravishing Rick Rude… » 11/10/14 1:16pm 11/10/14 1:16pm

Why Your Team Sucks 2014: New York Giants

Some people are fans of the New York Giants. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the New York Giants. This 2014 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. » 9/03/14 1:04pm 9/03/14 1:04pm

Peyton Manning Scolds College Kids, Achieves Maximum Dadness

The New York Daily News has a cool story about hanging out at the Manning family's annual summer football camp—which is less of a camp at this point and more of a pilgrimage site for thousands of wannabe NFL players—and there are some entertaining anecdotes in there about Peyton, Eli, and Archie. But none surpass this… » 7/22/14 1:21pm 7/22/14 1:21pm

Eli Manning Awkwardly Grooves On Stage With Better Than Ezra

Eli Manning hopped on stage at a recent Better Than Ezra show, and he quickly found himself facing the same problem that every person in human history who's ever been on stage with a band has faced: he had no damn idea what to do with his hands. » 3/06/14 3:21pm 3/06/14 3:21pm

Lawsuit Accuses Giants, Eli Manning Of Pushing Fake Memorabilia

A lawsuit accuses the Giants of creating fake "game-worn" memorabilia and pushing it on collectors in an attempt to make money—and in Eli Manning's case, to hang on to the authentic stuff. » 1/30/14 11:01am 1/30/14 11:01am

Eli Manning At A Restaurant, Looking At Something

In most photos, Eli Manning is a perpetual seven-year-old. But in this covert photo taken at a restaurant with his presumed daughter, Manning—nah, he still looks like he's seven years old. » 12/26/13 6:02pm 12/26/13 6:02pm

Eli Manning Makes A Late Push For The Interception Record Books

When we last checked in on Eli Manning's quest for the single-season interception record, the Giants QB had thrown 17 interceptions through 10 games, but was tapering off and seemed in danger of losing the league lead to Geno Smith. We wrote at the time that they'd need a Tarkenton-level meltdown to reach 30… » 12/16/13 1:10pm 12/16/13 1:10pm

Eli Manning Currently As Bad As Mark Sanchez

» 12/15/13 4:22pm 12/15/13 4:22pm

Eli: Still The Saddest Manning

After last night's disaster in Foxboro in which the Broncos blew a 24-point lead, you'd be right to expect Peyton Manning to be a bit down. But, as always, he's the chipper member of the family—as little bro Eli is once again letting his face tell a story of desperation and dysphoria. » 11/25/13 7:27pm 11/25/13 7:27pm

Charts: Who Are The Best Deep Passers In The NFL?

Deep passes are the most exciting play in televised football—the viewing audience can't see the situation downfield until the ball (and the camera) make it down there, so the play always feels, in that tiny moment before we catch up, like a sure touchdown or interception. It's well known that not every QB in the… » 11/23/13 11:00am 11/23/13 11:00am

Is Eli Manning On Pace To Top The Post-Merger Interception Record?

Over on r/nfl, Reddit user marvin02 put together the graph below, showing how Peyton Manning's TD pace through 10 games compares to the five highest single-season touchdown marks in NFL history: » 11/19/13 12:40pm 11/19/13 12:40pm