Elijah Dukes Tried His Best, But Couldn't Quite Swallow A Bag Of Weed Before Being Arrested

Elijah Dukes, aka Elijah David Dukes Jr., aka Fly Eli, was arrested early this morning in Tampa. I know, not news. It's his 10th arrest in Hillsborough County alone, and the Tampa Tribune says he's been arrested "dozens of times" since 2001, on charges ranging from domestic violence to drug possession to driving with… » 2/23/12 12:10pm 2/23/12 12:10pm

Elijah Dukes Blends Right Into Dominican Baseball

If you thought Elijah Dukes would sit on his laurels and be happy with a first round SHOTY victory, then you sir, are a Rays fan praying to God he doesn't do anything stupid. Your prayers haven't been answered, but are very important to us and will be answered in the order they were received. » 12/01/07 1:20pm 12/01/07 1:20pm

This stuff's normal, huh?