Coach Allows Player Held Responsible For Sex Crime To Start Every Game

Elon defensive back Adrian McClendon started every game last season despite taking a plea deal one year ago on sexual battery charges, the Elon Pendulum reports. McClendon is accused of groping a woman against her will and with force in March 2014; his deal with prosecutors led to the sophomore pleading guilty to… »5/18/15 4:00pm5/18/15 4:00pm


Wake Forest And Elon Baseball Players Staged A "National Anthem Standoff"

It looks like a game of chicken to see which team can remain standing in anthem formation longer, since the actual ballgame can't start until they all leave the field. The above video was taken at the start of yesterday's game. It was sent to us in an email, the text of which is below, presented without comment: »5/03/12 3:20pm5/03/12 3:20pm