What Happens To Enforcers When Hockey Uses Them Up?

More winter Friday nights than not through my first few years of high school, I was in my usual seat at the local arena, three or four rows up behind the home team's bench. On the ice, the Ontario Hockey League's Ottawa 67's, a group of—boys, really, aged 16 to 20. A handful of them would go on to be drafted by NHL… »3/16/15 3:00pm3/16/15 3:00pm


Report: Derek Boogaard's Family Is Suing The NHLPA For Failing To File A Grievance Against The NHL

TMZ—of all places—is reporting that Derek Boogaard's family will sue the NHL Player's Association for the money left on the enforcer's contract when he died in May 2011 (as well as some punitive damages). The family says that the NHLPA was supposed to help them collect the remaining balance, but didn't. »9/22/12 6:15pm9/22/12 6:15pm

Is A Quota The Answer For Reining In Hockey Fights?

Fighting! Few serious fans of hockey think it doesn't have a place in the sport. But then, no serious fans think this bullshit belongs either. How, then, to separate the meaningful fighting for legitimate purposes—enforcement, deterrence, stimulation—from fighting for fighting's sake? The OHL has an idea: force the… »9/19/12 3:30pm9/19/12 3:30pm

The Broken Phenom, The Overzealous Enforcer, And Some New Ammo For The Anti-Fighting Crowd

Try to justify the institution of the enforcer in hockey to an outsider, and you'll likely pull out the usual arguments. It's about protection, about fear, about retribution. So yes, on a basic level, it's about pain. But it's never, never about injury. So with two players still out in the wake of a one-goon rampage,… »3/07/11 12:05pm3/07/11 12:05pm