At Least Man City Is Giving Bournemouth Supporters Something Interesting To Watch

Poor AFC Bournemouth. For those of us who hitched our stars to the Cherries before this season instead of, uh, Leicester, it’s been less-than-fun. (Not awful, mind you; being clear of relegation is nice.) At least supporters get to see some fun soccer from the opponents, as displayed today when Manchester City jumped…

Liverpool Fans Leave Anfield In Protest, Liverpool Joins Them By Immediately Giving Up A Pair Of Goals

Liverpool fans planned and executed a 77th minute walkout from today’s game against Sunderland to protest ticket prices getting increases up to £77, and apparently, their team decided to join them in protest, so they laid down and let Sunderland of all teams roar back and tie them 2-2.


Joe Hart's Tremendous Save Brings Russell Brand To His Feet In Anguish

Man City keeper Joe Hart kept his side even with West Ham United with a brilliant save of a Dimitry Payet free kick that brought anguish to the supporters at Upton Park—especially Russell Brand, in attendance with pal Noel Gallagher. Depending on whether you think Brand is an asshole or if you think he’s an asshole…

John Terry Goal In 98th Minute Saves Miracle Point For Chelsea

After Everton took a 3-2 lead over Chelsea in the 90th minute, it looked like the Toffees had their first win at Stamford Bridge since 1994. But it wasn’t to be, as (an offside) John Terry redeemed his earlier own goal and scored in what can only be described as the stoppage time of stoppage time. It had to end this…