"Team Obama Loses Early Wicket": The Romney-Obama Debate Was Like Every Sport Conceivable, According To Internet

The debate Wednesday could be compared to many things—a slow dance in which the partners are holding potato peelers to each other's throats, perhaps, or a restaurant in which you, the diner, get to watch a prep cook slow-spit on your burger before it's served—but of course everyone immediately turned to sports… »10/04/12 3:30pm10/04/12 3:30pm


This Is, We Think, The First Olympian To Poop During His Event

Mystery Whisper finished a disappointing 23rd during this morning's show jumping finals. (And I guess the guy on his back did too, but it's sort of screwed up that the horses don't even receive medals, so we're going to start ignoring the riders.) It might have been a case of the nerves, as the 12-year-old dropped a… »7/31/12 4:35pm7/31/12 4:35pm

70-Year-Old Japanese Equestrian Earns Spot In London Olympics

Hiroshi Hoketsu (who turns 71 on March 28) earned the spot by winning an international dressage meet in France earlier this week. It remains unclear whether he will actually compete in the games, but Japanese Equestrian officials not only exist but will also announce Hoketsu's participation status in the near future. »3/04/12 1:17pm3/04/12 1:17pm